Print der «New York Times» wird «ausgelagert»

Bei der «New York Times» wird «disintegriert» und «divergiert» − zumindest äs bitzeli. Aus einem internen Memo von Chefredaktor Dean Baquet:

«[…] we have to address the fact that our workday is still focused on the end-of-day deadlines we’ve always had. So we are going to change that flow. Instead of doing digital at the same time as print, then essentially having the newsroom as a whole turn to the print deadlines, we’re going to publish things when they are ready and focus our print work in a new way.

To make that possible, we are moving most print production responsibilities away from individual desks and placing them in the hands of a centralized group of editors. […]. This will allow our individual news departments to focus on producing our news, analysis and features, as they do now, but without having to worry about the print deadlines and the layout of the printed pages right from the start of the day.»

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