«The splintering of the fourth estate»

Ein weiteres Referat des omnipräsenten «Guardian»-Chefs Alan Rusbridger zu Finanzierungsmodellen, Userbeteiligung, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter etc., diesmal gehalten in Sydney, Australien. Nicht viel Neues eigentlich, but nicely put – so zum Beispiel dies:

    «[Michael] Massing is not the only writer to be fascinated by the parallels between that period [i.e. Gutenberg] and today’s revolution in communication, which – in the opinion of many – is as great as that of Gutenberg. The difference today is that change is happening much faster – so fast that we are, as an industry, collectively suffering from what deep-sea divers refer to as the bends [Taucherkrankheit]. We are travelling through a period of extreme change faster than our corporate bodies can cope with. It’s painful – and, if not treated quickly and correctly, can be fatal.»

Oder das:

    «In the middle of all the turmoil we’re living through, it’s clear that the subsidy model of serious general journalism is – with one or two exceptions – the only one that actually works at the moment. That subsidy may be a trust, an oligarch, a patriarch, a billionaire, a sister company, a licence fee, an income direct from public revenue … or an advertiser.

    In the turbulence of the coming years – when, as the new media academic Clay Shirky puts it, the ‹old model is breaking faster than the new stuff gets put in place› – all media may come to rely on some form of medium-term subsidy. If you include advertising, then all media are members of what some like to call the ‹subsidariat›. We are fooling ourselves if we expect people to meet the real, direct cost of providing the news.»

Alles lesen!

von Martin Hitz | Kategorie: Medienschau

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